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Bid to stop threat of closure facing Oxford Brookes Uni’s training restaurant

4th Sep 2019 - 08:05
Ioannis Pantelidis council hospitality management education oxford brookes
An open letter to the vice chancellor of Oxford Brookes University signed by the catering and hospitality industry is being organised in the face proposals to close the institution’s training restaurant that is run by students on its hospitality courses.

Ioannis Pantelidis, chair of the Council of Hospitality Management Education (CHME), said he understood the funding pressures universities were currently under, but said such moves were ‘short-sighted’.

“They ignore the economic, social and cultural importance of the hospitality industry,” he said, which was the third largest sector in the UK.

“It employs 3.2m people and offers a wealth of graduate opportunities.

“As such, universities should be showing leadership by supporting and enhancing hospitality education programmes.”

He is urging the catering and hospitality industry to support the CHME’s open letter by adding their names to it before it is formally sent to Oxford Brookes on Thursday (September 5th).

To add your support you can contact Ioannis directly by emailing

Written by
David Foad