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‘Delivering Sustainable Public Sector Catering’ – join NFU webinar on Jan 25th

18th Jan 2024 - 06:00
NFU webinar on Jan 25th
The National Farmers Union is hosting a Teams webinar on January 25th from 10.30am to 11.30am titled ‘Delivering Sustainable Public Sector Catering’ which aims to highlight British farming’s climate friendly credentials.

Amy Fry, the NFU’s chief food business adviser, says: “The webinar will explore commitments to source more food from local farms to support the local economy and improve sustainability.

“It will also explore sustainable diets and the challenge to eat healthier diets without reducing key food groups and we will hear directly from farmers how they farm to reach Net Zero and enhance the environment.

“This will be an interactive session and we encourage you to think about the opportunities as well as the challenges in sourcing food and drink from British producers in advance of the webinar and bring your questions and thoughts to the session.

“We believe that as a collection we need to champion British food. The webinar will discuss how we can work together to place it at the heart of menus.”

The webinar will also address:

  • Innovative menus utilising meat, dairy and plant based proteins
  • Underpinning meals with British vegetables
  • Developing seasonal menus to optimise on increased volumes
  • Reduce ultra processed foods offered
  • Working more directly with suppliers to build longer term supply agreements
  • Championing the value of British food and educating children on what they are eating 

The speakers include NFU deputy president Tom Bradshaw and science director at the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Sara Stanner as well as a farmer supplier and public procurement buyer.

Amy Fry said that the webinar was aimed at, among others, catering operators in universities, schools, care homes, as well as catering colleges, local authority leaders and procurement advisers.

To join the event on the day click here

Written by
David Foad