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Fun Friday Food Facts 2020, Vol. 9

28th Feb 2020 - 09:02
Here are some more weird and wacky food facts. Enjoy!
  • Centuries ago in Sparta, young boys initiated into society through a ritual where they were required to steal cheese from an altar, surrounded by adults who would whip them.
  • Supermarkets ran out of sausages in Iceland in 1975 when women ‘went on strike’ by refusing to cook. They felt their contribution to society was unappreciated. 
  • There is more protein in broccoli than there is in steak. In broccoli every 100 calories contains 11.1g of protein whereas in steak every 100 calories contains only 6.5g of protein. 
  • British people consume more tea per capita than anywhere else in the world (2.5x more than the Japanese and 22x more than the Americans and the French).
  • American Kitchen Foods tried to rebrand peas by shaping them into chips and selling them under the label ‘I Hate Peas.
  • Chewing on coffee beans can help eliminate bad breath as can parsley and mint leaves.
Written by
Carmella Haswell