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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 22

12th Jun 2020 - 07:29
fun friday food facts
Millions of children will be able to hug grandparents for the first time in almost three months tomorrow as social distancing rules are relaxed. But what will they find to say to each other? If they’re stuck for ideas, here are a few conversation-starters:

•    Samuel Born was given the key to the city of San Francisco in 1916 for inventing the machine that inserts sticks into ice lollies.
•    The South American bullfrog is eaten as a delicacy in Dominica, where it is known as ‘mountain chicken’.
•    Cornish Yarg cheese was developed by the Gray family; Yarg is Gray spelt backwards.
•    Cornflakes have more salt per ounce than salted peanuts.
•    Dr Robert Atkins made himself a wealthy man selling copies of his low-carb Atkins diet, but when he died in 2003 he weighed over 18-stone.


Written by
David Foad