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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 3

22nd Jan 2021 - 05:00
To mark the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States this week, we shine the Food Facts spotlight on the eating habits of Americans.
  • The average American consumes nearly one ton of food a year – that is 1,996lb or 905kg.
  • Over 10bn donuts are consumed in the US every year.
  • 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car.
  • Americans spend 10% of their disposable income on fast food every year.
  • The annual Kansas wheat harvests could bake 36bn loaves of bread — enough to feed the world's population for about two weeks.
  • If every apple picked in Washington State in a single year was placed side-by-side, they would circle around the earth 29 times.
Written by
David Foad