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Fun Friday Food Facts Vol. 33

27th Aug 2021 - 06:00
fun friday food facts
Here is a sprinkling a lively food trivia to set you up for the Bank Holiday weekend – Public Sector Catering’s website will be back up and running full steam on Tuesday, August 31st.

* Contrary to popular belief, sumo wrestlers don’t sit around eating all day, they generally eat only twice a day. However they do pack 4,000 or more calories into those two meals.

* The secret recipe for KFC’s chicken exists in one place only as a hand-written note by Colonel Sander locked away in a vault, The 11-ingredient recipe is so closely guarded that the spices are mixed in different locations around the US.

* Nigeria is the second largest consumer of Guinness, with four of the company’s breweries operating there to meet demand.

* The Asian Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21st this year, when mooncakes are traditionally eaten. They traditionally include a whole egg in a lotus paste that is wrapped in decorative Chinese pastry.

* When it comes to pies, the British are a bit ambivalent. While 42% definitely prefer a savoury one to 14% favouring a sweet pie, the largest group (44%) had no preference either way.

Written by
David Foad