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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 40

16th Oct 2020 - 08:43
fun friday food facts, vol. 40
As the talks over a trade deal with Europe get into choppy water over fishing rights, we kick off this week’s collection of food facts with a reference to an earlier trade dispute over fish.

•    From the 1950s to the 1970s the UK and Iceland were involved with a conflict over fishing areas in the Atlantic Ocean. It was known as the Cod War.
•    In Estonia dairy production makes up the greatest proportion of agricultural output (30%), followed by grain production (20%) and pig farming (10%).
•    “I ate his liver with some Fava beans and a nice chianti” is a well used quote, but what are Fava beans? Nothing too exotic as it turns out, we know them better in the UK as broad beans.
•    The literal translation of strudel, in the German dessert dish apple strudel, is ‘whirlpool’.
•    The Queen’s Lane Coffee House in Oxford dates back to 1654 and claims to be the oldest in Europe.


Written by
David Foad