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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 5

4th Feb 2022 - 09:32
To celebrate of the Africa Cup of Nations final on Sunday between Senegal and Egypt we have found our favourite African food facts.
  • Sesame Street in Nigeria has a version of Cookie Monster named Zobi the Yam Monster. Since not many Nigerian children have access to cookies, the producers decided to give Zobi a craving for one of the country’s staple foods. He often shouts out, “Me eat yam!” 
  • South Africa’s famous biltong, strips of dried meat to chew on, was first created by the indigenous people of South Africa more than 400 years ago.
  • Koshari – a dish of rice, lentils and macaroni with spicy tomato chili sauce is the national dish of Egypt and a very popular street food.
  • Maasai people in East Africa still occasionally drink a mixture of fresh cow’s blood and milk as a nutritious tonic believed to have healing properties.
  • The Ancient Egyptians ate a lot of fish from the River Nile, and they also hunted ducks, geese, desert hares and gazelle.
  • A favourite dish of Nigeria, and much of West Africa, is jollof rice, cooked with tomatoes, onions and pepper. It’s thought to be the origin of the Cajun dish jambalaya.
  • Street food is very popular in both rural and urban areas of Ghana, with many families eating street food up to three times a week.
Written by
Edward Waddell