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Study finds burgers and salads most likely to cause food poisoning

12th Nov 2021 - 04:00
Essential Living’s ‘Spilling the Beans’ report found that burgers were the most likely food item to cause an upset stomach with 11,470 reports of food poisoning in the last eight years.

The report also found that salad was amongst the foods most likely to cause food poisoning with 9,182 reports according to the website

The BBC reported that salad can fuel the growth of food poisoning bugs such as salmonella, making it an ideal breeding ground for different bacteria. Essential Living also found that burritos, pizza and pasta were among the dishes most likely to cause food poisoning.

According to the research Newcastle eateries were the most hygienic in the UK with over 86% of their eateries scoring the highest hygiene rating. In contrast Cardiff came bottom of the UK for its hygiene ratings with nearly 5% of their eateries scoring just two out of five.

Written by
Edward Waddell