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Top 20 ‘most influential’ in public sector catering – part 4

7th Dec 2020 - 09:26
public sector catering pscmi top 20 most influential
Who are the most influential people working in the industry that feeds schoolchildren, students, hospital patients, care home residents, prisoners and people in the UK military?

Every year Public Sector Catering magazine convenes a panel of industry experts to draw up an annual list of the people who are driving the agenda on issues such as obesity, sustainability, health and wellbeing, malnutrition, Brexit, the national living wage and much more.

The full list will be revealed on Tuesday, December 8th when the magazine goes live online.

Until then, we are revealing four of our Top 20 every day to show the sort of people who have been chosen in 2020.

Today they are:

•    Jayne Jones, chair of ASSIST FM
•    Kath Dalmeny, head of food & farming charity Sustain
•    Lindsay Graham, poverty & inequality commissioner, Scotland
•    Phil Rees-Jones, chair of The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO)

They and the other 16 on the list will take part in a virtual round-table discussion on December 8th to look at the issues that will be the focus of cross-sector collaboration and action in 2021.


Written by
David Foad