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Vegans being failed by UK local authorities, claims new report

9th Nov 2023 - 09:16
the vegan society catering for everyone report luanch
The Vegan Society’s new Catering for Everyone report into the provision of vegan options among councils has found many either fail to provide them or make only a very limited effort.

The report, which was published in September, got its official launch at the House of Lords yesterday (November 8th), has as its core message ‘a vegan choice every day without having to ask’, according to Claire Ogley, the society’s head of campaigns, policy and research.

She said local authorities had an obligation to provide this because veganism was a protected belief, but added that they should also be trying to meet environmental targets and plant-based food had less impact than meals with meat and dairy.

She hoped the report would be used as a tool for vegans and others to press for change among councils.

Marisa Heath, the Surrey County Council cabinet member for environment, also spoke, endorsing the point about the environment.

“We all have Net Zero targets, but no-one talks about food,” she said, adding that the environmental impact of switching to plant-based foods was significant.

Also contributing was Ian Middleton, a Green Party Oxfordshire County Councillor who led moves that have seen the county adopt a policy of making vegan options compulsory at council-catered events.

He said it had generated a lot of debate, including criticism from local farmers, but the reality was that it only covered six buffet lunches a year.

“I hope, though, it is inspiring young people to think about what can help us towards Net Zero – and switching to plant-based foods is the number one priority.”


Written by
David Foad