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Devil's Kitchen - English Breakfast Sausage

17th May 2021 - 09:34
Uncoated sausages made from pea protein, herbs and spices. Suitable for vegans.

Devils Kitchen   

Suitable for vegans the English Breakfast Sausages are made from pea protein, herbs and spices. The product is also free from the 12 major allergens and suitable for oven baking. The English Breakfast Sausage is rich in protein and a good source of fibre.

The English Breakfast Sausage achieved a perfect score for ease of use while scoring highly for its texture and overall quality.

After tasting the product the Craft Guild of Chefs, said: “It was a really good vegan option I loved the crack on the skin of the sausage like you would get from a meat one a fantastic alternative with good texture.”


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