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Plant-Based Week Approved

As part of Public Sector Catering’s Plant Based Week, we made the decision to help readers identify some of the best plant-based products to use in their kitchens, whether that is a meat replacement or a product, such as a stock or sauce, that can be used when creating plant-based dishes.

Our panel of chef experts will put a selection of products through their paces in the kitchens.

Some areas of the public sector, such as schools, have nutritional standards that must be complied with. In other parts there is advisory nutritional guidance, which is generally balanced across a three-week rotational menu.

In all cases, though, were looking for products that are low in salt, sugar and fat as these are generally healthier.

The Guild tested a range of plant-based products against the following criteria:

  • Nutritional composition – is it low in salt, fat and sugar and high in ‘goodness’, including fibre, vitamins and nutrients?
  • Taste – what tastes best?
  • Texture – (where applicable) does it have a pleasant texture? If it is a meat-replacement, judging the similarity to the original meat where that is the obvious aim
  • Ease of use – public sector kitchens tend to be high volume and time restricted, so it is essential the products are simple to use to create tasty and healthy dishes
  • Cost – is the product good value for money?
  • Overall quality – a top chef’s feel for the quality of the product ‘in the round’
  • Sustainability credentials – a score out of 20 is added for this based on sourcing and manufacturing information

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