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Hot School Meals - is it time to turn up the heat?

Type of event Webinar
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As we come out of a third national lockdown, when should hot school meals become a compulsory service again?

After the first lockdown the full hot meals service took some months to return, and was still only at an estimated 80-85% by Christmas.

Taking a 'Four Nations' approach, Public Sector Catering will be asking exactly how and when we should aim to get back to a 100% hot meals after the current lockdown.

David Foad will be looking for answers and managing questions from webinar participants.

He will be joined by leading representatives of the service from the four nations of the UK:

  • England - Stephen Forster, National Chair of LACA
  • Northern Ireland - Stephen Briggs, Head of Service - Catering, Education Authority of Northern Ireland
  • Scotland - Jayne Jones, Chair of ASSIST
  • Wales - Judith Gregory, Regional Chair of LACA Wales



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