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Is plant-based now an established part of the menu or do we still need to campaign?

Type of event Webinar

After years of campaigns, marketing and general consumer encouragement, is plant-based food now an accepted part of every menu across the public sector?

A panel of industry leaders discuss the role of plant-based food, where it now sits in the 'everyday' menu cycle, demand from consumers and is there a need for further campaigning and cajoling.

Have the sustainability and health benefits truly been understood and can we be confident that this is now established behaviour and the service won't regress. 

Chaired by Simon Billing, Eating Better, he will be joined by:

  • Andy Jones, chair PSC100 Group
  • Nicola Strawther, Chief Dietetic & Catering Technician, Nottingham University Hospitals
  • Charlie Huson, Humane Society International



Throughout Plant-Based Week we will also be hosting a series of cookery demonstrations: Find out more

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