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My career in public sector catering: Phil Shelley

22nd Mar 2024 - 10:25
Philip Shelley, NHS England
In the first of a new interview series with people working across the public sector catering industry, Phil Shelley, the senior operational manager for soft FM and national lead for Net Zero Food with NHS England, tells Public Sector Catering editor David his career story.

Phil was all set for a career in the Merchant Navy, but events took a turn for the unexpected and he began instead to work as a chef in hotels and restaurants before finding his calling feeding hospital patients, staff and visitors.

His advice to anyone wondering about what they would get out of working as a hospital caterer, or anywhere else across the public sector, is: "Be brave and take that step. Don't think about what you often hear, because it can be quite negative.

"Go and speak to people who have experience, and not just in food, but dietitians and nurses because that working relationship we now have  means they will tell you how important your role is."




Written by
Rebecca Saunders