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Aramark hosts healthy heart day

2nd Mar 2009 - 00:00
Contract caterers Aramark have held an event to help its customers become more health conscious.
Employees at CSL, an Executive Agency of Defra, were invited to take part in the 'FLORA Healthy Heart Day' last week. CSL employees were offered workplace lifestyle consultations with a team of specialist nurses, who gave advice and information to help them make diet and lifestyle improvements. During the 15-minute session, employees had their cholesterol, body mass index and blood pressure measured, as well as being asked about their food consumption patterns, their general activity levels and other health indicators such as alcohol intake and smoking. The health checks support CSL's Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative (PSFPI) strategy. One of PSFPI's objectives is to promote health and nutrition for example by increasing the consumption of healthy and nutritious food. The nursing team was oversubscribed for the 70 appointments, so Aramark had to run a ballot for the 15-minute slots. Philip Ibbotson, facilities management contracts manager at CSL explained: "These health consultations show our employees in practical, sustainable ways that we care about their health and wellbeing. This in turn helps them take responsibility for their lifestyle, which includes, and can affect, their performance at work. Additionally, by offering these checks, we are practically demonstrating our commitment to the Defra's PSFPI strategy" Stuart Wood, Aramark's catering manager at CSL, added: "These consultations show our customers that Aramark is committed to supporting their health and wellbeing. We were delighted to join forces with the Flora brand team at Unilever Foodsolutions to run this important event."
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