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Ditch the car and go meatless to save the planet, says report

21st May 2020 - 09:06
go meatless vegan to cut carbon emissions
Among the top ten ways we can help reduce our own individual carbon footprint, we are invited to get rid of our cars and switch to a vegan diet, according to new research reported by the BBC yesterday (May 20th).

The most effective way we can cut our carbon footprint is to live ‘car-free’, saving an average of 2.04 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person annually.

Other good advice is to drive a battery electric car and take at least one less long-haul flight a year.

This is followed by actions such as adopting a vegan diet, using public transport and installing heat pumps in our homes.

The BBC reported the findings from researchers led by Dr Diana Ivanova from Leeds University, in a report due to be published soon in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Dr Ivanova is quoted as saying: “We have to agree how much carbon we can each emit within the limits of what the planet can bear – then make good lives within those boundaries.

“The top ten options are available to us now, without the need for controversial and expensive new technologies.”

Written by
David Foad