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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 25

2nd Jul 2021 - 08:55
To celebrate American Independence Day on Sunday (4 July) we have found our favourite food facts about our cousins across the pond.
  • On July 4th Americans are expected to eat 150m hot dogs, which laid end-to-end would cross the country five times.
  • The largest food crop grown in the US is corn; in 2019 farmers planted the equivalent of 69m football fields of it.
  • More than 10 billion donuts are consumed in the United States every year!
  • 1,996lb (905kg), or nearly one ton, is the estimate by weight of what the average American eats in a year.
  • The state of California is famous for being the biggest producer of grapes in America.
  • If every apple in Washington that was picked in a single year was placed next to each other it would circle around the earth 29 times.
Written by
Edward Waddell