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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 43

5th Nov 2021 - 06:00
To celebrate Bonfire Night (5 November) we have found our favourite food facts to start your weekend off with a bang.
  • The tongue of a flamingo was considered a delicacy during the Ancient Roman era as the birds themselves were seen as a representation of wealth.
  • Americans consume 500 million pounds of peanut butter every year, which is enough to coat the Grand Canyon’s floor.
  • Alliumphobia is the irrational fear of garlic. To find out more about food phobias check out the Baker Street research.
  • Absinthe was banned during the early 20th Century in Belgium, Brazil, France, the Netherlands and the United States of America.
  • In 2007 95% of American commercial restaurants had chicken on their menus.
  • A quarter of the world’s hazelnuts are used to create Nutella.
Written by
Edward Waddell