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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol.15

23rd Apr 2021 - 08:04
To Celebrate The Oscars this weekend, which will take place on 25 April, we have found our favourite food in film related facts.
  • The first Oscars ceremony in 1929 served guests broiled chicken on toast, consommé Celestine, ‘long branch potatoes’ (known better today as French fries), filet of sole and cake with ice cream.
  • In custard pie fights seen in films a special ‘ballistic’ recipe used double thickness pastry filled with flour, water and whipped cream to stop it disintegrating in flight.
  • There are several films named after everyday foods, including American Pie (1999), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and Salt (2010).
  • Popcorn is a traditional snack to eat when watching a film at the cinema and it can grow up to 30 times its original size when it pops.
  • In the film E.T. one of the children tries to lure the extra-terrestrial out of hiding by offering it Reese’s Pieces. 
Written by
Edward Waddell