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Lexington 'one of the best companies to work for'

3rd Mar 2009 - 00:00
Contract catering firm Lexington has made it onto the 'Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For' list and is the only hospitality company to do so.
Mike Sunley, Rachel Lindner and Katharine Lewis received the award on behalf of Lexington at the ceremony at London's Battersea Park. The profile reads: "Everyone works a 40-hour week, and job sharing and sabbaticals are available. Employees rate the company 18th for Wellbeing overall (earning a 76% positive score), saying they are happy with the balance of work and home life (81%), aren't exhausted at the end of each day (62%), and, although kitchens may appear pressured places, the workforce doesn't suffer from work-related stress (84%). "Perks include a "get out of work free card" for outstanding contributions, a day off for birthdays and, for those staff members whose personal growth includes a new baby in the family, a gift of Baby Gap vouchers." The Sunday Times highlighted how kitchen assistants are the most common job role with the company and they earn an average £14,000 a year. Lexington's charity work, including recipes for Great Ormond Street children's hospital, was also mentioned in the profile. Managing editor of the Sunday Times, Richard Caseby described the companies that made the list as "…beacons of excellence, continuing to define leading workplace practice and engaging and motivating their employees even in today's troubled economic times."
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