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Quorn bows to customer pressure and brings back meat-free meatballs

9th Sep 2020 - 08:30
Meat-free protein company Quorn has changed its mind and returned meat-free meatballs to menus after removing them from its portfolio last year.

“Quorn Swedish Style Meatballs were removed last year but since then customers have been eagerly demanding their return,” says Claire Roper, head of marketing foodservice.

“They’ll now be back on menus providing caterers with a really versatile ingredient that can be used to inspire a wide range of tasty dishes including hot subs, pizza and pasta, or even as an ingredient in your own signature dishes.

“We’ve been referred to as the ‘original gangsters of meat free’ as we have been pioneering its development for over 40 years. Consumers trust Quorn’s innovation to deliver a great taste and great texture so we’re confident putting our meatballs back on the menu will keep your customers coming back for more.

“Meat-free is high on the agenda at the moment, with one in five Brits cutting down on meat during the Covid-19 pandemic on the back of the most successful Veganuary to date with over 400,000 taking part, highlighting the importance of making sure menus feature meat-free options that will engage customers.

“As the meat-free brand with over 6 million shoppers and 94% brand awareness we are passionate about helping our customers be part of this success story,” adds Claire. to find out more.


Written by
David Foad