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Sodexo to fund training at Hoxton Apprentice

12th Mar 2009 - 00:00
The Sodexo Foundation, the registered charity of Sodexo, has announced that it is to donate £13,500 to Training for Life to help fund a community kitchen programme at the Hoxton Apprentice restaurant in London.
The funding will support four six-week training programmes, designed to teach single-parents, young people and long-term unemployed people about the benefits and basics of nutrition and healthy eating - all through a series of practical and educational cookery workshops. Training for Life works with the most vulnerable and excluded groups within society: people from diverse backgrounds, who, for a variety of reasons, have faced barriers to work and consequently struggled to fulfil their potential. Sodexo raises and donates thousands of pounds every year to various community charities, through its STOP Hunger campaign. The campaign aims to educate and provide relief from financial hardship in relation to health, nutrition and well-being through the provision of grants, goods and services. David Mulcahy, craft and food development director, Sodexo, and Hoxton Apprentice director, added: "Cooking skills and healthy eating education are central to so much of our work at Sodexo, it is always very satisfying when we can contribute to local communities by sharing our craft expertise. In addition to gaining additional life skills, such programmes do encourage those from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider the hospitality and catering industry as a viable option for their future." Pat Haikin, managing director, Training for Life, said: "Since our Prospect Centre in Hoxton opened in 2004, it has been our priority to develop links with the local community – central to this has been the Community Kitchen. With nutrition and obesity such key issues for society we are delighted to sign this agreement with Sodexo. The partnership will provide a vital boost to the development of the Community Kitchen and the services we can provide for the local community."
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