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Thirsty Thursday Drink Facts, Vol. 1

1st Apr 2021 - 07:00
Public Sector Catering has decided to scrap the usual Fun Friday Food Facts series and change it to Thirsty Thursday Drink Facts for the rest of 2021 focussing solely on drink-related facts.
  • A cow produces an average of 6.3 gallons of milk daily and around 350,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime.
  • Beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink and the third most popular drink – after water and tea.
  • Oenophobia is the fear of wines. The most common reason why people fear wine is because it contains alcohol, which is a toxin that could cause unpleasant effects.
  • Britain has the biggest cider market in the world, followed by South Africa and the USA.
  • Consumption of bottled water has doubled between 2002-2017. This equates to around 7.7 billion plastic water bottles produced in the UK every year.
  • By 1726 London had 6,287 places where you could buy gin.






*Of course this is a little April Fools joke! We didn’t want people to miss out on Fun Friday Food Facts because of the bank holiday. The usual weird and wonderful FFFF series will return next week on 9 April 2021.

Written by
Edward Waddell