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UK schools, universities and workplaces sign-up for Healthy Eating Week

4th Sep 2020 - 08:51
british nutrition foundation healthy eating week
More than 5,000 registrations for the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week (28 Sep - 4 Oct) have already been received from organisations aiming to to promote healthy habits, increasing knowledge of healthy eating and wellbeing, the benefits of physical activity and cooking.

The numbers include over 4,000 schools and nurseries plus nearly 1,100 colleges, universities and workplaces that are set to take part in a range of health-related challenges and activities.

Roy Ballam, managing director and head of education at the BNF said: “It’s been a turbulent year for everyone; but the importance of looking after our health – including having a good diet, getting active and focusing on wellbeing – has never been more pertinent.

“While lockdown disrupted all of our daily activities – some for better and some for worse – BNF Healthy Eating Week gives us all a chance to refocus and prioritise some of the most important areas of our health.

“We’re excited to launch new challenges this year, alongside some old favourites. Our new weekend challenges ‘Eat together’ and ‘Get active together’ highlight that eating and getting active together, in line with current Government guidelines on Covid-19, not only helps with keeping motivated, but also supports the development of important social skills, and adds enjoyment too.

“As always, the Week is open to all UK nurseries, schools, universities and workplaces, and registration is free.

“We hope registrants will be able to take part in the challenges in their schools and workplaces, however everything has been designed so that, if required, the activities can be completed at home and virtually too.”

BNF Healthy Eating Week, now in its eighth year, comprises seven daily health challenges, which people are encouraged to take part in at school, college or university, or in the workplace or at home.

BNF provides a number of resources, including information sheets, activity ideas, videos, online cooking sessions, webinars, posters and a certificate.

The health challenges are:

Eat more wholegrains (Monday)

Vary your veg (Tuesday)

Drink plenty (Wednesday)

Move more (Thursday)

Be mind kind (Friday)

Get active together (Saturday)

Eat together (Sunday

New for 2020, the ‘Get Active Together’ and ‘Eat Together’ challenges highlight the importance and benefits of undertaking activities together with friends or family, with social distancing rules kept firmly in mind.

‘Be Mind Kind’, another new challenge for 2020, showcases that mental health is a vital aspect of overall health and wellbeing, and highlights that what we eat and drink, being active, and ensuring we get enough sleep, can all have positive benefits for mental health.

All those register before 5pm today (September 4th) will receive a free set of seven A2 colour posters.

To register visit:


Written by
David Foad