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Nestlé Professional offers plant-based ‘video inspiration’ for chefs

10th Jun 2020 - 09:13
With many chefs in the UK unable to work due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 lockdown, Nestlé Professional has launched a plant-based video series aimed at inspiring chefs with new dish ideas they can include on menus once they return to work.

A spokesman said that prior to lockdown, there was a clear trend towards more flexitarian and plant-based diets. Recent research had revealed that this trend has grown since the UK went into lockdown, with one in five consumers in the UK reducing their meat intake since March and sales of vegan burgers, sausages and dairy free milk increasing.

The same survey found half of those who had tried meat alternatives are planning on continuing to purchase them once lockdown is lifted.

The ‘Plant to Plate’ video series provides inspiration for fresh, plant-based dishes to include on menus when the hospitality sector reopens. Hosted by Nestlé Professional’s development chefs, the videos showcase new dishes, twists on the classics and tips and tricks to try.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Nestlé Professional has been working to support the hospitality industry on a number of initiatives as part of its ‘Always Open For You’ campaign, which is designed to support customers and communities. Some of these initiatives include:

•    Nestlé has donated over £4m worth of products to frontline workers in the NHS as well as other key workers, vulnerable people and foodbanks. Amongst the products provided are almost a million cups of coffee, more than 250,000 bottles of water and nearly three million confectionery products.

•    Supporting charities such as FareShare and FoodCloud with product donations and contributing to food packages sent to the 1.5m vulnerable people identified by the UK Government during the outbreak.

•    Teaming up with Interserve, the Nestlé Professional team has supplied Garden Gourmet Sensational Burgers and Fillet Pieces to selected hospitals and offices, plus schools which have remained open for children of key workers

•    Supporting vulnerable customers with extended credit terms and pauses to their coffee machine rentals.

•    Stepping up its global response to the pandemic, Nestlé joined forces with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to provide urgent help for emergency services and caregivers and strengthen healthcare systems. This included a Global donation of 10m CHF, with over £200,000 specifically designated to support causes in the UK and Ireland.

•    With a daily onslaught of information, Nestlé Professional has started a series of weekly reports and webinars to help customers and prospective customers cut through the noise and develop strategies based on insight that will help benefit their business.

Written by
David Foad