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Premier Foods

Written by Rebecca Saunders
9th Nov 2020 - 08:56

As one of Britain’s biggest listed food companies we’re committed to the UK, employing over 4,000 dedicated colleagues at 15 manufacturing sites and offices up and down the country. Around 96% of what we sell is made in the UK from quality ingredients, wherever we can sourced sustainably from British suppliers and farmers.

Our Foodservice division is dedicated to supporting the Public Sector with the right products and solutions to help Caterers and Chefs create nutritious and delicious meals every day, all day.


Written by Rebecca Saunders
4th Nov 2020 - 12:55


Written by Rebecca Saunders
4th Nov 2020 - 12:35

As one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, we share our customers’ passion for great food.  But our passion doesn’t stop there. We’re 100% dedicated to delivering service excellence, making life easier and helping our customers grow.

•             Our 13,000 strong product range includes the best of both own brand and leading foodservice brands.

•             Our 24 UK depots offer a truly local service– the majority are no more than 80 miles from their customers.

Essential Cuisine

Written by LauraS
3rd Nov 2020 - 12:32

With chefs at our heart, there’s no other supplier better placed to understand the unique challenges of kitchen life. We put more into our great tasting stocks, jus, gravies, seasonings and sauce bases so you get more out of your final dish.