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Plant Based Week

Public Sector Catering magazine and website will be devoting the week of May 9-13 to celebrate all things plant-based.

The demand for plant-based meals continues to increase as more people adopt a 'flexitarian' approach to eating with vegetarianism and veganism gaining in popularity too.  These changes are being driven by concerns about health, the environment and animal welfare. Public sector caterers have to respond to this demand from their customers while continuing to meet nutritional standards and provide a balanced diet that includes meat and dairy.
Following a successful launch in 2021, Plant-Based Week is returning in 2022 on 9 - 13 May to help address the issue of plant-based meals, Public Sector Catering magazine will once again hold this week-long event for caterers in schools, hospitals, care homes, universities, prisons and the military to encourage them to include and promote more dishes across their menus. It includes help and advice about how to run a plant-based day and aims to inspire and educate caterers across the sector.

Each day throughout the week we will have experienced chefs deliver product and cooking demonstrations.

A special Plant-Based Week supplement will be published within the May issue of Public Sector Catering, it will include a four-page guide to menu positioning and promotion to help caterers from Eating Better; HSI chef Jenny Chandler shares her thoughts on the basics of creating plant-based dishes everyone wants to try; and HSI reviews feedback from chefs and caterers to its Forward Food workshops; ProVeg on its School Plates programme, its success and the sort of questions chefs ask; a report on flexitarianism from Quorn; a look at managing allergies in plant-based dishes plus a round-up of new products.

If you are a supplier and wish to find out more please click here.

Plant-Based Week

Is plant-based now an established part of the menu or do we still need to campaign? Register Free


Each day online we have arranged for experienced chefs to deliver cooking demos, find out more and register free.


A collection of recipes and ideas for plant-based menu options.


A selection of case studies outlining the benefits of a more plant-based diet and how this can be simply achieved.


Discover the range of plant-based products that have been tested and reviewed by the Craft Guild of Chefs for Plant-Based Week


A series of interviews with operators on the plant-based diet options they have on their menus


A collection of posters, stickers and menu templates to promote your Plant-Based Week 2022 activities.

Report | Serving better: better menus make better choices

Report | Serving better: better menus make better choices


Discover more information and resources on the benefits of plant-based diets on your health and the environment and the practical steps you can take to a more plant-based diet.

View highlights from Plant-Based Week 2021

Plant-Based Week - Digital Supplement 2022

pbw 2022


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